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After the Power

After The Power: A Power Rangers RPG
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Have you ever wondered what became of the Power Rangers after they gave up their Powers? Did they go off to college, get married, start a family, and have successful careers? What would they do if they were ever offered the Power again? This is the RPG for you.

Pretty much all of the former Rangers have moved within a tri-city area that they once protected. Rangers from the future have even been known to come back in time to visit. They do however have to follow a few rules set by Time Force before being allowed to come to the past.

You can play up to two characters for now. That number is subject to change at any time though. I do request that you try to post for ALL of your characters a minimum of twice a week. All former Rangers are available with a few acceptions. Those are Trini Kwan, since her portrayer Thuy Trang has left this realm, and those characters that are listed as taken on this page.

This RPG is rated PG-13, but some R-type situations are allowed. Those situations must have an R rating placed at the beginning of the subject line for those who do not wish to read them.

At the moment, this RPG is strictly based after the Rangers have given up their Powers. The year is 2006 and there is a great chance that Powers will be offered at a later date. As of right now there are no villains, which is why Powers aren't offered. All Rangers and Allies from Mighty Morphin to SPD are open for the picking. The set couples are listed in the database. These couples do not necessarily have to be married. They can be dating, engaged, just getting together, or even expecting a child. It's all up to you the player.
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